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One More Dub, Orvieto


16-08-10 102645 - Onemoredub
A new recording studio in a cave!

While restoring his fantastic villa, Fabrizio Flamini discovered a cave in the basement.
So he decided to make a recording room in it. He called me, via Claudio Lamberini / Boxy.
He wanted a good sound but still the vision of the cave: stones, shapes, etc.
…this was a big challenge, because there was a vault that could focus the sound, also first reflections could give some problems…
The result is here: a control room and a recording room with different solutions in term of acoustics and design:
Flinstones style” absorbing panels, u.f.o. shaped panels on the ceiling, and a new concept in the control room that permits to keep the atmosphere of the existing cave.

acoustics + design: paini.
made by: Boxy (Claudio + Stefano Lamberini & Co.) and Alberto Ferraris (console + doors)

Thanks so much to:
Fabrizio “iffa” Flamini
Valter “ivva” Vincenti
Claudio “lambe” Lamberini

photo: Giacomo Foglieri + paini.

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